Microlan BACTcontrol

BACTcontrol Online monitor of total and specific bacteria activity (E.coli and coliform) in water

The determination of microbial water quality is a key requirement of water safety management. Standard determination procedures still rely on cultivation-based methods which are labor-intensive and time-consuming and are not suitable for rapid water quality assessment. In contrast, online monitoring of chemo-physical and hydrological water quality parameters has been applied frequently over the last decade. Monitoring of enzymatic activity is a rapid measurement of total and specific bacteria (E.coli and coliform) in water.

The BACTcontrol from microLAN is anticipating / enables microLAN to anticipate an exciting future in which the realization of water safety plans is based on ‘intelligent’ systems with a high level of interdisciplinary interaction. The online bacteria activity monitoring is complementary to existing microbiological standard parameters; it is not designed to replace any of the proven surveillance practices.

High-resolution online information on microbial water quality aspects can be considered a type of ‘process parameter’ that continuously monitors a
water source, a water-reuse process or a supply system’s behavior for any subtle changes. Such continuous online information also offers the unique opportunity to include ‘event-triggered’ automated sampling activities. In the case of water quality changes detected by the microbial online monitor, samples are then automatically taken for further standard microbiological analysis in the laboratory.




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