Union CWD Calorimeter

The CWD2005xxx-device series Calorimetry, Wobbe-Index und Specific Density comprises versions of combustion calorimeters for direct and continuous determination of gas quality from the following measurands and operands:

- Wobbe-lndex
- Specific density

- Heating and combustion values

- Combustion Air Requirement (CARI) and air requirement, with integrated gas analysis

- Energy quantity, with expanded system EMS2005.

The Wobbe index and specific density are measured, and the heating value and combustion value are calculated from these measurements.
When components for gas analysis are added to the CWD2005, the air requirement, or CARI, can also be determined from the analyzed gas composition. The operating principle of the CWD enables all combustible gas components to be detected, which allows it to be used even for gases with rapidly changing gas composition.

CWD2005 | Determination of gas parameters
CWD2005 CT | For custody transfer measurement of gases
CWD2005 PLUS | Especially for high-calorific gases

CWD2005 DPC | For operation in hazardous areas
CWD2005 SPC | For outdoor installation in hazardous areas

CWD2000 EX | For use in hazardous areas